Reverb Pans
Spring reverb pans. These are made by Belton and are gaining a reputation of being high quality and consistent in manufacture as well as having a very good reverb tone. The 6 series has 6 springs (3 each side, joined at the middle) for a richer, enhanced reverb effect.   Decay times are 2.5 to 4 seconds.   Outside dimensions are 16-3/4" long by 4-3/8" wide by 1-5/16" high.

Qty Price Part Number Description
$30.00 WPAN682250 Reverb pan, 6 spring, 8 ohm input, 2250 ohm output.       Replaces 9AB3C1B

Reverb Bags -- hand-crafted in the USA.  Available in any color tolex to match your cabinet. May also be used as a tote bag for cables and pedals. Each bag is lined with soft black double sided quilting fabric with an internal layer of foam.

Qty Price Part Number Description
  $25.00   Reverb Bag Reverb Bag Color