High End Paper and Oil Capacitors
Axial lead, metal body. Some builders feel these have the best tone of all coupling capacitors.
Sorry, but we can't afford to discount these boutique capacitors.

Qty Part Number Price Description
PAO202-160 $6.75
.002uF160 volts
PAO562-160 $6.75
.0056uF160 volts
PAO103-400 $9.75
.01uF400 volts
PAO473-400 $9.75
.047uF400 volts
PAO104-400 $16.75
.1uF400 volts
PAO103-630 $13.75
.01uF630 volts
PAO473-630 $15.75
.047uF630 volts
PAO104-630 $17.75
.1uF630 volts
PAO103-1000 $12.50
.01uF1000 volts