Weber    Capacitors
Weber Silver Micas are rated at 500V, +/-5% tolerance and are radial lead. Used for bright caps, reverb feeds, and other general purpose uses.

Weber Polyprops are polypropylene film and foil radial lead dipped capacitors. Rated at 630 volts, their tolerance is +/-10%, with a temperature rating of 105C. Great for decoupling, interstage audio coupling, and other general purpose use. This capacitor is modeled after the Sprague Orange Drop 716P series capacitor.

Weber Polyesters are polyester metallized film, axial lead, tubular capacitors. Same ratings as the polyprop caps. Some amp builders prefer one over the other for certain applications. This capacitor is modeled after the Mallory 150 series capacitor.

Weber Ceramics are radial lead capacitors good for bypass, decoupling, and other general purpose uses. Some amp builders use them for interstage coupling also. They are rated at 1000VDC.

Weber Elytics are general replacements for power supplies, cathode bias, and other applications requiring high capacitance. These are axial lead capacitors unless otherwise noted. Voltages are as noted for each part number. All values are rated at 105 degrees C. For those who must have the large body size electryolytics, we have the EC406-450-L. It is functionally equivalent to the smaller 40uF@450VDC we offer.

Weber  Cap Cans ™   have much better isolation than many NOS and reproduction multicap cans due to the use of individual, isolated components. All components used are rated at 105 degrees C. The case is hard drawn copper with high thermal capacitance to release heat more efficiently than aluminum or steel cans as used in NOS and reproduction units. This is important when used in amplifiers with high peak currents. Weber Cap Cans have the familiar twist tabs on 1.05" centers in addition to an integral wafer that has slotted ear mounting for 1-7/16", 1-1/2", and 1-3/4" spacing.

Qty Part Number Price Description
SMC100-500 $.40 Silver Mica cap, 10pF, 500 volts
SMC470-500 $.40 Silver Mica cap, 47pF, 500 volts
SMC101-500 $.40 Silver Mica cap, 100pF, 500 volts
SMC121-500 $.40 Silver Mica cap, 120pF, 500 volts
SMC181-500 $.40 Silver Mica cap, 180pF, 500 volts
SMC221-500 $.50 Silver Mica cap, 220pF, 500 volts
SMC251-500 $.50 Silver Mica cap, 250pF, 500 volts
SMC331-500 $.60 Silver Mica cap, 330pF, 500 volts
SMC501-500 $.60 Silver Mica cap, 500pF, 500 volts
SMC681-500 $.60 Silver Mica cap, 680pF, 500 volts
SMC821-500 $.65 Silver Mica cap, 820pF, 500 volts
SMC102-500 $.70 Silver Mica cap, 1000pF, 500 volts
SMC471-1000 $.70 Silver Mica cap, 470pF, 1000 volts
PPC501-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, 500pF, 630 volts
PPC102-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .001uF, 630 volts
PPC222-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .0022uF, 630 volts
PPC332-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .0033uF, 630 volts
PPC472-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .0047uF, 630 volts
PPC562-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .0056uF, 630 volts
PPC682-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .0068uF, 630 volts
PPC822-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .0082uF, 630 volts
PPC103-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .01uF, 630 volts
PPC223-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .022uF, 630 volts
PPC333-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .033uF, 630 volts
PPC473-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .047uF, 630 volts
PPC563-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .056uF, 630 volts
PPC683-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .068uF, 630 volts
PPC823-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .082uF, 630 volts
PPC104-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .1uF, 630 volts
PPC224-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .22uF, 630 volts
PPC334-630 $.40 Polyprop cap, .33uF, 630 volts
PPC474-400 $.40 Polyprop cap, .47uF, 400 volts
PEC102-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .001uF, 630 volts
PEC222-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .0022uF, 630 volts
PEC332-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .0033uF, 630 volts
PEC472-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .0047uF, 630 volts
PEC562-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .0056uF, 630 volts
PEC682-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .0068uF, 630 volts
PEC822-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .0082uF, 630 volts
PEC103-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .01uF, 630 volts
PEC223-630 $.64 Polyester cap, .022uF, 630 volts
PEC333-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .033uF, 630 volts
PEC473-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .047uF, 630 volts
PEC563-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .056uF, 630 volts
PEC683-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .068uF, 630 volts
PEC823-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .082uF, 630 volts
PEC104-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .1uF, 630 volts
PEC224-630 $.40 Polyester cap, .22uF, 630 volts
CCC102-1K $.30 Ceramic cap, .001uF, 1K volts
CCC222-1K $.30 Ceramic cap, .0022uF, 1K volts
CCC332-1K $.30 Ceramic cap, .0033uF, 1K volts
CCC472-1K $.30 Ceramic cap, .0047uF, 1K volts
CCC562-1K $.30 Ceramic cap, .0056uF, 1K volts
CCC682-1K $.30 Ceramic cap, .0068uF, 1K volts
CCC822-1K $.30 Ceramic cap, .0082uF, 1K volts
CCC103-1K $.35 Ceramic cap, .01uF, 1K volts
CCC223-1K $.35 Ceramic cap, .022uF, 1K volts
CCC104-1K $.35 Ceramic cap, .1uF, 1K volts
Cathode Bypass Capacitors For Preamps and Power Amps
Temporarily Out Of Stock EC256-25 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 25uF, 25VDC
EC257-25 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 250uF, 25VDC
EC337-25 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 330uF, 25VDC
EC474-50 $.35 Electrolytic cap, axial, .47uF, 50VDC
Temporarily Out Of Stock EC684-50 $.35 Electrolytic cap, axial, .68uF, 50VDC
EC105-50 $.35 Electrolytic cap, axial, 1.0uF, 50VDC
EC225-50 $.45 Electrolytic cap, axial, 2.2uF, 50VDC
EC335-50 $.45 Electrolytic cap, axial, 3.3uF, 50VDC
EC475-50 $.45 Electrolytic cap, axial, 4.7uF, 50VDC
EC685-50 $.45 Electrolytic cap, axial, 6.8uF, 50VDC
EC106-50 $.45 Electrolytic cap, axial, 10uF, 50VDC
EC226-50 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 22uF, 50VDC
EC256-50 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 25uF, 50VDC
EC257-50 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 27uF, 50VDC
EC336-50 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 33uF, 50VDC
EC506-50 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 50uF, 50VDC
EC686-50 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 68uF, 50VDC
EC756-50 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 75uF, 50VDC
EC107-50 $.65 Electrolytic cap, axial, 100uF, 50VDC
EC157-50 $.65 Electrolytic cap, axial, 150uF, 50VDC
EC227-50 $.65 Electrolytic cap, axial, 220uF, 50VDC
EC337-50 $.65 Electrolytic cap, axial, 330uF, 50VDC
EC477-50 $.65 Electrolytic cap, axial, 470uF, 50VDC
Capacitors For Bias Supplies
EC805-150 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 8uF, 150VDC
EC166-150 $.55 Electrolytic cap, axial, 16uF, 150VDC
EC506-150 $.80 Electrolytic cap, axial, 50uF, 150VDC
EC107-150 $.80 Electrolytic cap, axial, 100uF, 150VDC
Capacitors For High Voltage Power Supplies
EC227-350 $1.90 Electrolytic cap, axial, 220uF, 350VDC
Body size: 1" x 2.5"
450 Volt
EC805-450 $.85 Electrolytic cap, axial, 8uF, 450VDC
EC106-450 $.95 Electrolytic cap, axial, 10uF, 450VDC
Body size: .50" x 1.0"
EC166-450 $1.05 Electrolytic cap, axial, 16uF, 450VDC
Temporarily Out Of Stock EC206-450-S $1.25 Electrolytic cap, axial, 20uF, 450VDC, smaller size, 1.02" long x .54" diameter
EC206-450-L $1.25 Electrolytic cap, axial, 20uF, 450VDC, larger size, 1.39" long x .65" diameter
EC406-450 $1.85 Electrolytic cap, axial, 40uF, 450VDC
EC406-450-L $1.85 Electrolytic cap, axial, 40uF, 450VDC
Body size, .64 x 1.75".
EC506-450 $1.85 Electrolytic cap, axial, 50uF, 450VDC
EC107-450 $4.25 Electrolytic cap, axial, 100uF, 450VDC
500 Volt
EC106-500 $1.50 Electrolytic cap, axial, 10uF, 500VDC
Body size: .64" x 1.22"
EC206-500 $1.75 Electrolytic cap, axial, 20uF, 500VDC
Tested to 600VDC
Body size: .65" x 1.4"
EC406-500 $2.35 Electrolytic cap, axial, 40uF, 500VDC
Tested to 600VDC
Body size: .875" x 1.65"
600 Volt
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EC106-600 $1.75 Electrolytic cap, axial, 10uF, 600VDC
EC206-600 $2.00 Electrolytic cap, axial, 20uF, 600VDC
EC406-600 $2.75 Electrolytic cap, axial, 40uF, 600VDC
500 Volt Dual Caps in a Can
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$8.50 Dual Electrolytic cap, 50uF and 50uF at 500V, can type with clamp. (Clamp and hardware included)   Technical Specs: Ir 400mA@120hz. Life: +/-20% initial value after 2250 hours at full load (Ur+Ir)
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$9.75 Dual Electrolytic cap, 100uF and 100uF at 500V, can type with clamp. (Clamp and hardware included)   Technical Specs: Ir 500mA@120hz. Life: +/-20% initial value after 2250 hours at full load (Ur+Ir)
Cap Can™ Capacitors
Cap Cans are 1.25" diameter by 2.85" tall
Qty Price Model
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Mounting Buy
  $28.00    EC20x2-450
20uF x 2 @ 450VDC
  $30.00    EC20x4-450
20uF x 4 @ 450VDC
  $30.00    EC20x3-30-450
20uF x 3 and 30uF @ 450VDC
  $31.00    EC20x3-40-450
20uF x 3 and 40uF @ 450VDC
  $32.00    EC32-16-16-450
32uF x 1 and 16uF x 2 @ 450VDC
  $32.00    EC40-20-8-8-450
40uF x 1, 20 uF x 1, and 8uF x 2 @ 450VDC (for 6V30 kit)
  $31.00    EC40x3-450
40uF x 3 @ 450VDC
  $32.00    EC50x2-450
50uF x 2 @ 450VDC
  $32.00    EC100x1-450
One 100uF @ 450VDC