3lb (1.36Kg)   4" (10.16cm) wide, 5" (12.7cm) deep, 3-1/2" (8.89cm) high.
Two Head Amp Switcher
Footswitch Model - 200 watts $150
Non Footswitch Model - 200 watts $100
The 2 Head Amp Switcher allows you to switch two different heads to the same speaker or speaker cabinet.
The heads are footswitch selectable, and the impedance is selectable -- 2, 2.6, 4, 5.3, 8, 16 ohms.
The head that is not in use is put into a 200 watt dummy load of the impedance you selected.
The 2 Head Amp Switcher includes a level adjustable balanced (XLR) line out jack.
Included in the purchase of the 2 Head Amp Switcher is the main control unit and a wall wart power supply, available with 120-130VAC input or 220-240VAC input.

Additionally, a manual switching unit is available for those who don't need or want another footswitch to deal with. The "Footswitch" jack on the front panel is replaced with a switch, and is labeled Head #1 and Head #2

The 2 Head Amp Switcher DOES NOT switch your guitar input from amp to amp.  This switcher is designed for players who are already using two different amplifiers, but wish to simplify to one cabinet.

2 Head Amp Switch And Dummy Load With Footswitch And Power Pack.
$150 each
Wall Voltage

2 Head Amp Switch And Dummy Load Without Footswitch (Manual Switch Operation On Unit).
$100 each

Here is a diagram to help you understand how our unit works.
The A/B Box is just a suggestion.  How you split your guitar signal is up to you.