The Last Word In Tone™

High Power Series
10lb   (4.54Kg)
10-1/8" (25.71cm) diameter, 4-5/8 " (11.74cm) deep.
Ceramic Cali 10
Replacement for higher powered clean ceramic 10's.
10", 60oz ceramic magnet, 80 watt, 2" voice coil, ribbed cone.
Loud, smooth, uncolored, more headroom than the AlNiCo version. Available with paper, aluminum, or large H screen dome for more warmth.

Aluminum: Very bright, almost piercing highs akin to vintage JBLs. Good for crystal cleans, but avoid for even slight distortion.

Paper: High end is tonally between the other dome types, more piercing only under heavy pick attack. Good for brighter cleans and slight overdrive.

H dome (screen cloth): Allows the high end to be present but not overbearing. Good for warmer yet articulate cleans, but also moderate overdrive.
80 Watts

I recently purchased a California 10" speaker to try in a Fender hybrid modeling amp. I hoped that a nice clean sounding, high quality speaker would work well in this kind of application, and it certainly does. It faithfully reproduces the amp models and turned my decent sounding practice amp into a little box full of great big tone...very good speaker. -- Scott Cann